New gig at Porto antico, Piazza delle feste in Genova, with Jus Primae Noctis and Balletto di Bronzo!!

Great new!!! Il Segno del Comando will open the concert of the legendary prog band "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso"!!! Genoa 05 February 2020!!!!

Now available new gadgets, shopper with band logo and t-shirt celebrating first LP "Il segno del comando

New gig at "La Claque" with Runaway Totem 22 November 2019 in Genova

New gig at "Barrio's live" with Secret Tales13 September 2019 at Milano

New gig at "Prog night" 04 August 2019 at Savignone (GE)

New gig at "Black Water's Prog nights 29 June 2019 at Boffalora Ticino (MI)

New gig at "L'angelo azzurro" in Genova with Dark Quarterer 10 May 2019

New gig at the One live club in Cassano d'Adda with La stanza delle maschere and Il sentiero di Taus 04 May 2019

New gig at the "Acciao italiano" in Mantova 20 April 2019

Sono arrivate le nuove T-shirt dedicate all'album L'Incanto dello Zero. Disponibile anche il modello girlie sulle taglie s e m. Sono in numero limitato. Chi fosse interessato può contattarci!!!


New T-shirt available for sale. For info and order please send a mail at diegobanchero@alice.it

New gig at the "Defrag" in Roma with La fantasima. 23 March 2019

New gig at the "Work in Progress" in Terranuova Bracciolini with Basta!  23 February 2019

    New gig at the "Angelo Azzurro" in Genova with Althea, 28         december 2018

   New gig at "La Claque" in Genova, new album presentation, 02 November 2018

Junihell 2018 at Circus Club in Scandicci (FI) With Old Bidge. 30 June 2018

New gig with Astrolabio at FAbemolle in Pastrengo (VE) 15 june

New gig at Circolo colony in Brescia March 24, with Epitaph and

Black Capricorn

New gig at T-N-T Club in Milano March 25, with Ubi Maior

New gig at L'Angelo Azzurro in Genova April 13, With Basta!

Il Segno del Comando has performed with Dark Quarterer at Central Rock Pub in Erba, on saturday January the 27th, and at Titty Twister in Parma, on sunday January the 28th.

A great evening, and a powerful band-combo with our friends from Dark Quarterer, that we will bring to stage again in the near future.

Il Segno del Comando has played with Abysmal Grief and Ballo Angelico at L'Angelo Azzurro, on the second night of the two-days festival Facciamo Valere il Metallo Italiano - Atto II in Genova for 12 and 13/01/2018.

A wonderful event, festival organization and attendance have been really great, we will keep such and evening in our hearts for a long time

Il Segno del Comando has played at Circus Club in Firenze Scandicci for an intense heavy prog night with Witchwood and Jugulans Regia, on saturday December the 2nd. We are grateful of being part of such an evening of progressive and very interesting music.

il segno del comando is proud to announce this new release, coming in a 100 copies limited edition, with special packaging.

It is a passionate and intense live performance, recorded  in studio and including tracks from each era of the band, that will be sold exclusively at our concert venues.

Cover picture from painter and friend Danilo Capua.

Il SEGNO DEL COMANDO is confirmed for next FIM (Fiera Internazionale della Musica) which will be happening in Erba (Como - Italy) from May 26 to 28.

The band will be performing at Main Stage on May 26, at 21:00 .

Il SEGNO DEL COMANDO has played at Angelo Azzurro on April 7th 2017, in the context of "Lady Prog Nights" evenings .

We've been playing quite an extensive set, with songs from our published works as well as a couple of tracks from the upcoming new album, currently in the works.

It's been a great night and we'd like to thank everybody for the warmth and the friendship.

Il SEGNO DEL COMANDO has spent the last months interestingly busy with most varied recording sessions. Our dear friends form Black Widow Records have involved us in their forthcoming tribute records, to be released in 2017. We've also caught the occasion to tackle some more full band recordings, which we'll be presenting more extensivly later in 2017  ;-) 

Il Segno del Comando has played at L'Angelo Azzurro in Genova on September 19th with  long time friends Abysmal Grief. Wondrful gig shared with close fans in a really nice, pure-genoese venue.

More info and details at the facebook event page here.

Il Segno del Comando partecipated to Acciaio Italiano 5 Festival, on May 23 2015 in Mantova. It went quite well was great fun !!!

Pics are in the gallery, more info and details here

Il SEGNO DEL COMANDO has headlined in wonderful Circus Club for a very nice evening of great music with our friends Fangs of the Molossus.

It was a great night and we are thankful to all our friends in Firenze that came and enlightened our performance with their warmth and passion.

Il SEGNO DEL COMANDO has performed a great gig, openinig for italian prog legends GOBLIN REBIRTH, on February 6th 2016 at Teatro Govi in Genova Bolzaneto !!!

It was a really great evening, and we have a video of our bandname track :

Il Segno del Comando shirts are available !

Contact us here or through facebook for sizes, prices etc ...

Il Segno del Comando has performed its first gig on the 21st February 2015 at la claque.

It went amazingly well, there are pics in the gallery page, while videos and more info are on the facebook page.

We are proud to present first official video form Il segno del Comando!!